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We sound pretty good….

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Pour your favourite tipple, relax, and imagine us on-stage playing for your event or entertaining your wedding guests!

  1. Capella SQ Beat It
  2. Capella SQ Funky Town
  3. Capella SQ Let It Go
  4. Capella SQ O Mio
  5. American Boy
  6. Thriller
  7. Something
  8. Por Una Cabeza
  9. Happy
  10. Heard It Through The Grapevine
  11. At Last
  12. A Thousand Years
  13. The man I love
  14. Brandenburg Concerto no3
  15. Cant take my eyes off you
  16. Braveheart
  17. Eleanor Rigby
  18. My love is like a red rose
  19. One day like this